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Mega Environment and Major Elements of the Mega Environment

The Mega Environment

The mega-environment, or general environment as it is sometimes called, is that segment of the external environment that reflects the broad conditions and trends in the societies within which an organization operates.

Major Elements of the Mega Environment

1. The technological element
It reflects the current state of knowledge regarding the production of products and services.

2. The economic element
It encompasses the systems of producing,distributing, and consuming wealth.

3. The legal-political element
It includes the legal and governmental systems within which an organization must function

4. The socio-cultural
It includes the attitudes, values, norms, beliefs, behaviors, and associated demographic trends that are characteristic of a given geographic area

5. The international element
It includes the developments in countries outside an organization’s home country that have the potential impact to the organization. International factors far beyond the direct influence of a particular organization can have profound effects on its ability to operate successfully.